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The sign Capricorn is one of the most stable and mostly serious of the zodiacal types. These independent, rocklike characters have many sterling qualities.

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They are normally confident, strong willed and calm. These hardworking, unemotional, shrewd, practical, responsible, persevering, and cautious to the extreme persons, are capable of persisting for as long as is necessary to accomplish a goal they have set for themselves.

Capricorn are reliable workers in almost any profession they undertake.

January 15 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Capricorn - Part 1

They are the major finishers of most projects started by the 'pioneering' signs; with firm stick-to-it-ness they quickly become the backbone of any company they work for. Capricorn make of themselves, resourceful, determined managers; setting high standards for themselves and others. They strive always for honesty in their criticism of self, they respect discipline from above and demand it from those beneath them.

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In fact when practical ability allied with the drive of ambition are required in employees to make a project succeed, Capricorn are the people to hire. They plan carefully to fulfill their ambitions which often include becoming wealthy , they are economical without meanness, and able to achieve great results with minimum effort and expense. Because of their organizing ability they are able to work on several projects simultaneously. They have a great respect for authority but may not, if they reach high rank, be willing to listen to other opinions on things they are directly responsible for.

As the ranking authority figure in a given situation they expect their underlings to be as self disciplined as they themselves are, and to perform every task undertaken to the highest standard. They are, nevertheless, fair as well as demanding. Among their equals they are not always the most pleasant of work fellows for they are reserved and too conservative, valuing tradition more than innovation, however valuable the latter, and they are often humorless.

There is also a tendency to pessimism, melancholy and even unhappiness which many Capricorn are unable to keep to themselves, especially if they fail personally. In the extreme this trait can make them a very depressed individual; ecstatic happiness alternating with the most wretched kind of misery which is so subconsciously buried that he or she should seek help if such emotions become frequent. For the above reason, capable Capricorn should spend many hours in meditation, gathering the strength to control such inner emotions.

The swings in mood are not the only reason some Capricorns deserve the adjective based on their name - capricious. They can be surprisingly and suddenly witty and subtle for the quiet, reserved individuals they seem to be, and they also have a tendency to ruin things by unexpected and utterly irresponsible bouts of flippancy. In certain individuals in whom the characteristic is strong, the temptation to do this has to be resisted with iron self-control. Another unexpected quality in some Capricorn is an interest in the occult which persists in spite of their naturally skeptical turn of mind.

Their intellects are sometimes very subtle. They think profoundly and deeply, throughly exploring all possibilities before deciding on a 'safe' alternative. They also have a tendency to be too indulgent in the luxuries of life; however, with age and maturity, they learn to get rid of their negative traits.

They also have a sensitive skin and have poor circulation. It is advisable for these individuals to follow a daily exercise routine. Finance Being responsible by nature and having taste for luxury, these people do everything in their capacity to make their ends meet.

However, their career choices are never motivated by monetary gains. Career With their passion to make the world a better place and being compassionate towards others, they love to fight for justice and human rights and thus social service is one of the finest career options for them. Apart from this, they also thrive in fields like management, healthcare, architecture and fine arts. Once they commit to a relationship, they are loyal and affectionate.

As parents, they try to inculcate a sense of independency in their children and try hard to protect them from failures and disappointments.


January 15 Zodiac

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Jessy Schram 33, American. Stephen Bear 29, British. Pitbull 38, American. Mary MacKillop 67, Australian. Frank Thornton 92, British. Craig Fairbrass 55, British. Billie Faiers 29, British. Too attached to their image of the world, we will sometimes see them fighting for the rights of those they endanger themselves. Unaware of their hypocrisy, they have to get to know their own ways before teaching others about what they need to do.

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